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The Bears of South Florida, a Non-profit Corporation, is an IRS 501 (c)(3) Organization - operated by member elected Directors. The net proceeds from all events are contributed to other IRS 501 (c)(3) charities which meet strict guidelines established by the Board.

Dale Russell


The Bears of South Florida

Are Honored to Present

The Jan Carpenter Memorial Fund

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Jan Carpenter was a dynamic, influential part of our local LGBT community and philanthropy was a very important part of his life.  He donated countless hours of his personal time as well as being a major financial contributor to several local charities.  He served on multiple Boards of Non Profit Organizations, most recently as Vice President for The Bears of South Florida.  To date BOSFL has donated over $70,000 to the local LGBT community.


Many have asked what they could do to commemorate, honor and memorialize Jan, so we have created The Jan Carpenter Fund.  Each year donations will be made to local LGBT charities in the name of Jan Carpenter from this fund.  Please join us in contributing to this fund to help other local LGBT charities and to keep the legacy of Jan Carpenter alive forever.  He may be gone, but he will always be with us.  Due to your generosity, over $6,000.00 has been donated to local LGBT charities from The Jan Carpenter Fund in just its first year.


Thank you all,


Dale Russell

Board Member Emeritus


Contributions can be made by clicking on the link below.









BOSFL is 501(c)(3) charity and your donation is tax deductible

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